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Several factors go into moving a mobile home. Prices can range anywhere from $1,200 and up. That’s just a base estimate, and different factors play a role. Things such as the type of trailer, whether it’s a single or double wide, distance being moved, permit costs and much more, for an accurate shipping estimate, use our "Mobile Home Transportation Guidebook".

All mobile homes transports need a moving permit, additional permits vary state to state, and also depends on the size of your trailer. You may need to acquire moving permits, oversize load permits, and more. To learn more about obtaining permits for your move, get a copy of the Mobile Home Transportation Guidebook.

You always want to make sure the mobile home mover has the proper licensing and insurance to move your mobile home. You’ll want to do research on the company, ask for the necessary information, and check out third party reviews to see if they’re reputable. You can also read in our guidebook the extra precautions to take when verifying a drivers credibility.

There are several steps to take when preparing for transport. You want to make sure everything is secure, the gas is turned off, and all electrical items unplugged. Having your mobile prepared ahead of time can save you time in the long run. Check out our Mobile Home Movers Guidebook for more information.

This varies on the type of mobile home. Drivers will have to use what's called a TOTER truck (just like our logo). The drivers will have a 6-way, 4-way, or 2-way trailer hitch.

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The first step is to sign up for Then you’ll be able to search through all listed mobile homes that need transport. Bid on moves that you think meet your qualifications and schedule.