Common Trailer Types

Mobile homes come in different shapes and sizes. Some of the common ones include double wides, single wides, container trailers, office trailers and tiny houses. Tiny houses, container trailers and office trailers are easy to move across the country because they’re small and manageable. However, trailer types such as double wides and single wides can be a little complicated to move across the country because they need to be detached and transported in sections. On the Mobile Home Movers marketplace, you can post any mobile home you own and you will find a licensed and certified mover near you to help you transport it to a destination of your choice. Mobile homes are delicate and should only be handled by professionals with years of experience. Mobile Home Movers vets every mover manually and approves them before they’re given access to your listing. We ensure your mobile home is in safe hands.

Single Wide

These are the most used mobile homes. They’re a single unit that’s narrow and not very spacious. Majority of the single wide mobile homes are 72 ft long and 15 ft wide. However, they can reach a maximum size of 90ft long and 18ft wide. In terms of floor plan, they can be anywhere between 600 to 1330 sq feet.

Office Trailer

Office trailers can either be single wide or double wide. Single wide office trailers are made of a single unit that can only make one office and maybe have a small storage section. These measure 20 to 56 ft in length and 8 to 14 ft in width. Double wide office trailers are twice the size of single wides. Majority range between 44 to 74 ft in length and 24 to 28 ft in width.

Tiny House Trailer

As the name says, these mobile homes are quite small. They have a maximum measurement of 45 ft in length, 8.5 ft width and 13.5 ft height. However, the length can be upto 65 ft. They have a floor plan of less than 400 sq ft.

Container Home Trailer

A container home is made of containers used in transportation of cargo measuring 40ft. A container home can be a simple single wide or a double wide with two 40ft shipping containers attached together. They’re 8 ft in width.

Double Wide

Double wide mobile homes come in different sizes depending on the manufacturer. However, they all range between 532 sq ft to 2800 sq ft. They can be 42 to 60 ft in length and 20 to 32 ft in width. A new double wide mobile home comes in sections that are attached to make one unit. They have to be detached anytime you want to move.

Modular Building

Modular buildings are generally built in a factory versus on site. Once the modular building is completed, it’s transported to the destination. Modular building sizes vary based on type and use of the construction. The most common widths are 12 to 15 feet in width and 60 to 72 feet in length. Though this is customizable based on needs.

Modular Home

The majority of modular homes are two modules wide. They run from 24 to 31 feet in width and can come in T-, L-, or H- shaped layouts. Because layouts can vary, so does the length of the home. Width and length can be added, based on the customized specifications of the modular home.

RV Shipping

RVs, also known as recreational vehicles, come in a variety of types. Motorhomes are motorized RVs, meaning you can drive them directly. They come in Class A, B, and C types. Other types of recreational vehicles include travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers, campers, and more. Client’s often ship new or used RVs, or have their RV moved home after a long trip. RVs come in a variety of sizes, so trailer sizes vary.

Motor Homes

A motorhome is a drivable RV with multiple amenities for a comfortable cross-country trip. Class A motorhomes generally range from 20 to 50 feet long, though there are exceptions. Class B motorhomes average from 15 to 25 feet long, and are the smallest class of RVs. Class C motorhomes fall between the other two classes as they typically range from 20 to 33 feet long.

Triple Wide

Triple wide mobile homes are typically transported in three sections. This is because they are generally 2,000 to 3,000 square feet. The width runs from 30 to 54 feet, while the length is 32 to 80 feet. This provides a luxurious living space for any family.

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